Thursday, 18 February 2016

Eastnor Castle & Land Rover Experience really was quite an experience!

Every so often at New House, we get invited to an open day or some special event, and the other week were invited to Eastnor Castle and Land Rover Experience's open day.

Eastnor Castle is a great place to visit, and we've been there several times for conferences. All of them have been superbly organised and well run. It is an imposing building situated between Ledbury and Malvern and built in the Gothic style. There were a promising queue of Land Rovers outside when we arrived (in our BMW).
We took a good look round the castle, and here are a few images of the dining room, one of the lounges, the small library, main room, and bedrooms :
If you'd accidentally come out without your suit of armour, there were plenty to choose from round the castle. Handy in case a dragon puts in a sudden appearance I guess :
I'd never seen an elephant foot umbrella stand before, and glad no one makes them anymore :
This room must be the knight's cloakroom as even the horse had it's own suit of armour :
I loved these Adams Family style wall lamps :
After breakfast in one of the reception rooms, my father and I went outside to take a look at the Range Rovers. It was huge fun driving them round the assault course in the company of an experienced driver. We went down sheer drops, through muddy lanes, deep water, up staircases, and the car tilted at ridiculous angles :
Eastnor is ideal for conferences and product launches, and is definitely on the list of venues for New House's next new launch. 


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