Sunday, 6 July 2014

Our new Yarn Break Detector

Modern textile machinery is so fast these days, that if a yarn breaks or a bobbin runs out, you can quickly have loads of faulty fabric on your hands.

Since the 50's, New House have manufactured yarn break detectors (or 'stop-motions' as they are known in the trade) that detect broken yarns, stop the machine and can quickly save all this wasted fabric.

Ten years ago we developed a new model, NHT-10 which is a sealed unit, impervious to the dust, gunk and starch you often get in a textile mill, and works with an infra red beam down the centre. It's also possible to control the dropper tension, so it can easily handle a wide range of stiff or fine yarns, or high and low tensions without problems.

It all began with a concept drawing  :
After many revisions the final product became :
It's a true UK-Made product with the moulds made in Yorkshire, the curcuit boards in Leicestershire, extrusions in Worcester and final assembly at New House's Herefordshire HQ.

Due to the downturn and the world's textile industry contracting, we had to shelve the project for a while. However with the UK economy now growing again, we are happy to revive NHT-10 and launch our new yarn-break detector.

We had a recent scare when we heard that the Yorkshire company who held our mouldnings had closed, but the good people who took over quickly found them again. 

These are some of our tools, all in good clean working order and ready to GO!