Thursday, 25 September 2014

Another vintage car auction at New House HQ

Yesterday we had another vintage car auction at How Caple Court. It's a regular feature for us. as it happens every 3 months.

Our location with it's 300 year old buildings, lend themselves perfectly to this sort of occasion
My favourite up for sale was a Morris taxi from the 1920's, that wouldn't look out of place on a Downton Abbey set.
It was a climb to get into the back, but interesting to see the traditional roller blinds that had fabric very similar to our natural Swedish plains. Always a good choice if you want a roller blind in a traditional setting.
 The good ladies laboured in the kitchen to feed all the visitors, and bacon & tomato sandwiches were the most popular as the sale went on

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our favourite exhibition

Home/Top Drawer at Olympia is always one of New House's favourite shows, and we were on stand L36. We set up on Friday when there was no one else, and Olympia looked a bit bleak :

 Charlotte did her usual stunning drawing on the walls:
Home had 1000's of visitors and we were happy to meet many new and old customers. It was a great show and were sad when we had to demolish our stand
We will be back next year!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Summer is not over yet....

Our clever illustrator Charlotte Farmer has been drawing her favourite seaside holiday objects - all to be launched at Home 2014, Olympia, London  14 - 16th September.

Seaside Fun is Charlotte's latest design, and available in trays, tea towels, mugs and coasters.

It's sure to cause a splash!


Pure wood at New House

We love our new wooden kitchen collection!

Made from sustainable wood, practical yet stylish and with items ranging from traditional rolling pins to chopping boards.... plus scoops, tongs and spoons. There is something for every cook in the kitchen.

Here's a few items :

Inspirational holidays

It's been a great and hugely inspiring summer for me, with revisiting Bulgaria one of the highlights. I first went there just after the Berlin wall fell 20yrs ago with a friend, Elsa. I remember we were starving in a buffet-less train, so got off at random the next station called Kazenluk. Everyone was extremely friendly, so we soon got talking and were invited to stay the night. We did, and then stayed the rest of our holiday in Kazenluk. We've kept in touch with our good Bulgarian friends ever since, and went back this year.

Bulgaria has a long  history as it was the first European country to be settled by humans 1.6 million years ago, the Thracians were a fantastically cultured civilisation who pre-dated the Greeks, and it's had a varied and interesting history ever since.

Sofia is an enjoyable modern city, if a bit grafiti-plagued :
although some of the grafiti is rather fun :    
Our first stop was the Museum of Soviet Era Art where many of the old Soviet statues now live.
I enjoyed comparing the statues that used to be in the city center, with what's there now  :
The National Archological Museam held some real treasures  :
Bulgaria has great secenary and countryside.
Some interesting customs, such as publising when someone sadly passes away.
I wondered if armed-robbers would go elsewhwere once they saw this sign outside a bank?
It was great to be back with our old friends in Kazenluk. The town is famous for it's roses, and also the very sophisticated many artists associated with the town.