Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I've been rummaging through my box of postcards ( many nasty things lurk in there ) and came across this lovely little collection that I have had since 1980-something...which bring back happy memories of coach trips to Blackpool illuminations and as they pretty much all blew down a few weeks ago (what with all this crazy weather we're having) I thought it might be a nice treat for anyone who missed out!

what I really like about the cards are the soft worn edges and over bright colours

                                        where else can you ride on a boat in the road?!

this week Blackpool tower, next week the Eiffel tower - tres chic! Au revoir.....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

get a free gift box - you heard it here first!

a few weeks ago I screen printed 100 boxes, so that we can give one away if anyone buys three of my tea towel designs...it was an epic mission but they turned out pretty well (if I do say so myself). New House Textiles will be sending out an e-shot to everyone they know tomorrow - so this is a sneaky heads up!

get shopping quick - there's only a month to go until christmas and there's sure to be lots of drying up to do...http://www.newhousetextiles.co.uk/section/312/1/charlotte-farmer-collection

a box full of boxes

boxes drying on the rack


family favourites - it's like a christmas biscuit selection box on one lovely tea towel!

...and finally  - this is the perfect for christmas box - easy to wrap too.