Tuesday, 19 February 2013

One of the good things about New House is where we are...

New House has been in the rural county of Herefordshire for years, and it's had a big influence on us.

Our 300 yr old buildings are not the most convenient, but because of this we developed all our little blind pulls and homewares as they are small and easy to handle amongst our well-loved steep staircases and old wood floors. Time moves slowly in Herefordshire too, so New House always looks to the very long-term, with our contemporary designs often rooted in slower, more traditional ways.

We live and work here, but there are some great places to visit, and on Saturday I went to Ludlow.

Ludlow is one of Britain's prettiest towns, and is so vibrant with an amazing culinary scene.   
My poor photos don't do the place justice.
After tea in De Greys, we then went to the Ludlow Food Centre where you can watch cheese being made and 80% of the food sold is local.  

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Granley Blinds new showroom in Cheltenham

I was going through Cheltenham today and checked-out Granley Blinds lovely new showroom :

Granley is one of New House's oldest customers and an important cornerstone in Cheltenham's retail scene just a stone's-throw from the Art Gallery. If you've got a blind and live in Cheltenham, then you've probably bought it from Granley Blinds as these people are real interior blind experts! :
Granley are in Clarance Street, so visit if you can!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Flirtatious tea towels

I'm sure there was no wind until I put Charlotte's new tea towels on my washing line and tried to photograph them. 

We sell quite a lot to garden shops and a keen gardener myself, challenged our amazing illustrator Charlotte Farmer to create some cunning flowerbed or allotment-themed designs for Spring. Charlotte certainly dug-for-victory and came up spades with wheelbarrow loads of designs. Today I've been trying to get some pics.

They hang great on the line (until you point a camera) and then the flirty little devils move in every direction like the Can-Can

I did get get them still when I moved my line into the orchard - but it was the end of the day, the light was going so I may try again tomorrow!
However I did get some good ones of Marianne Westman's reissued 1950's classic Frisco, and Charlotte's Royal Tea mug :