Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Our new light tent

We've had fun at New House today with our new toy - a 'light tent'. It looks like something left over from Chernobyl, or a place of retreat if the Black Death ever returned.
However it's a pretty straight-forward bit of kit - a white fabric box that diffuses spot lights, and makes taking 'white-background' shots easy. David Bailey and Cecil Beaton would run a mile, but it's amazing how important these shots are these days. You see white-background shots (or cut-outs) everywhere, and magazines love them for their new product pages. These are a few of our first attempts....

                 our new Diamond Jubilee mug
                                         Diamond Jubilee souvenir mug and tea towel set
                                         Diamond Jubilee souvenir WOOF mug and tea towel
                        Stack of Diamond Jubilee WOOF mugs  

Looks like I need a bit of practice to get this thing right.... it's all to do with light balance and exciting things like that.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mercedes Museum, Stuttgart

Visiting a prosperous, well-ordered German City is always great, so I skipped the odd afternoon at the R & T exhibition to explore Stuttgart.

It was lovely to sit in the sun, eating apfelstrdel in the Schloss area, and I also visited the Mercedes Museaum. In truth, I've never been that interested in cars, but my mum loves her little A-Class, and Mercedes are an icon of engineering and design.

The museum is pretty amazing (the photo above is not mine, but the rest are).  I loved the elevators, that were something from a Fritz Lang film

the first engine
the first cars
the first motorcycle

and the early Merc's

The fantastic supercharged cars of the '20's & 30'S

The aero engines of the 40's (sorry, but I took no pictures)... but I did take a pic of this cute 50's van

The gull-wing 60's and the 'bad guys'car

In the 70's, I vagely remember the most glamorous of my parents friends driving one of these 'pagoda roof' Merc's

I had a go in the race simulator, and couldn't stop laughing as I skid through turns in a 30's Silver Arrow racer, or had a go round Monte Carlo in an F1 car. Two people sit in the simulator, and my companion turned out to be a good German gentleman who'd raced Porsche’s round Le Mans (I apologised for my bad driving).

When my dad was 5yrs old, he remembers that his dad took him to a race meeting where he saw the 1936 Mercedes and Auto-Unions cream the old-fashioned British cars. These cars are in the museum too

The clever Germans end the museum with a showroom of their latest cars. I can tell you that after seeing their greats from the past, I was ready to sign up for anything as I sat in their latest SLK or new C-class coupe.
My only reservation was that my family are dyed-in-the-wool MG, Triumph, Jag or BMW people (only my mum has gone Mercedes).
The museum reminded me of the restless nature of the clever German people. This reminded me of how my own company, New House is always seeking improvement too, and believe it's important to keep presenting the very best in new design to the customer. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

R & T, Stuttgart

R & T (Weltleitmesse für Rollladen, Tore und Sonnenschutz) is one of those big behind-the-scenes trade shows that the public rarely see. It's a 'must' if you're interested in roller blind hardware, awnings, garage doors or having your gate open automatically.

R & T is now held at the excellent Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe - that's just 800 metres from Stuttgart airport, so it's not difficult to get to the fair.

We spent most of our time on our Swedish partner (Almedahls-Kinna AB) stand, but our real mission was to promote the New House vision of how roller blinds could develop over the next 5- 10 years.  

Our moodboards, colours & design ideas were prepared for 2013/2014, and we showed them to a few favoured international clients.

Due to my camera packing up I can't show our presentation - but will do so in the future!