Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paint it black

Or any other colour we can think of...

Our new blind accessory collection (launching - this Summer) is going all colourful, and it's great having such a brilliant local paint company just 7 mile away in Ledbury, Cleftbridge Coatings.

New House has the environment and localism embedded into it, so why use some producer 1000's of miles away, when there are fantastic skills already on your doorstep?

Sometimes our 'made in England' policy does make our products appear more expensive, but New House has many fans overseas, so we must be doing something right!  

test colours

each colour is primed, sanded, primed and sanded again, and then sprayed it's final colour 

Laura Fletcher looks into the future....

Laura Fletcher is New House's amazing weave designer and also in charge of our new roller blind accessory collection. She is also our trend expert. 

Most of New House's collections usually last 3 years, so whatever we're doing, we often ask Laura to create a few mood boards. Our major work this year is our new roller blind and accessory collection, so Laura has made mood boards for the mid-point of these collections, which is Autumn/Winter 2013 - 14 :

Precious Cosmos : Inspiration is drawn from the surfaces and textures of the moon and our solar system. A new play on light and dark shades and a theme that is both striking and dramatic.
Colour      Dark shimmering tones of midnight blue and sepia are lightened against smoky greys, copper and sea grass. A timeless palette between shadow and light.

Rustic Retreat : Natural materials are enriched with luscious yarns and landscapes, creating a mood of warmth and comfort. The mood creates a fun, relaxed and simple atmosphere for everyday living.
Colour      A collection of comforting, mid tone colours, honey and oat tones mix with candied lime, zesty coral and warm orange.

Tender Escape : A soft elegant mood that takes its inspiration from the wintery shapes of nature. Think of bare trees creating intricate lace-like patterns against the sky or crisp, frost-covered foliage. Combine these motifs with ultra soft yarns and fur to create a look of understated luxury. A mood to cocoon yourself in
Colour       A muted palette of vegetal soft greys and taupes that have faded with time. Pigments of tea stained neutrals are used with mink, washed sand and limestone greys.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Charlotte's first solo show

Charlotte Farmer is one of our star designers, and everytime she draws something I smile.

If you're in Bath anytime between 7th and 25th April, can I suggest you visit the Rostra Gallery

Charlotte is the best illustrator I know - so check out her show!