Thursday, 31 March 2011

Revival of an old Swedish Textile Company

Sadly Stromma Sweden AB - an old and well-respected supplier to New House, closed before Christmas.
Stromma was a historic Swedish manufacturer dating from 1854 that specialised in producing many classic fabrics for roller blinds. However in the 80's, Stromma was bought by Boras Waferi AB who took fabric production out of Sweden to Estonia, was unable to develop the brand, and then in 2010 the group collapsed.

New House's other Swedish roller fabric producer (Almedahls Kinna AB) bought the Stromma Sweden name & rights, and New House became very much involved. As well as investment, our clever designers, Melanie, Charlotte and Laura are now working on the new Stromma Sweden collection for launch in Feb 2012 at the R & T fair in Stuttgart.

Reviving a historic brand is always a challenge, and here are a few pics of us working on some new designs...


Wednesday, 30 March 2011

King (and Queen) for a day

There’s nothing like a souvenir tea towel to get the patriotic crowds roaring on Wedding Day.

I remember the Charles n’Diana wedding - New House didn’t make souvenir tea towels then (mainly because as a young textile student, I was also working as under-gardener to a very-old titled lady). We gardeners were invited into the Big House’s study where (beside the slowly-ticking clocks and the stink of ancient bee’s wax) we watched the Royal Wedding on a small B & W TV. All the staff were given a small glass of sherry, so we could stand at the appropriate moment and toast the happy couple.

….If only I had a B & W telly today to watch Kate n’Wills!

Our designer Charlotte Farmer only let us make 165 of her hand-drawn celebratory tea towels. Already a bundle have gone to the USA & Australia ex-colonials - so if you want one (my suggestion is) hurry up!