Saturday, 26 April 2014

Child safety, roller blinds, and New House

Like everyone in the blind industry, we've been shocked each time we've heard of some poor child being hurt or strangled by a roller blind side chain. A few years back no one could have imagined that this could ever have happened, so I'm pleased at how fast our trade has responded, worked with governments, the EU, and safety bodies like RoSPA to create new regulations and new safety standards that ensure blinds will be much safer in the future.

New House has never been fans of blind cord loops (which have caused the blind fatalities), and have always prefered the traditional spring mechanisms with a well designed blind pull.
Yet New House has certainly played it's part, and the information website make it safe was styled by me :

If you have a blind side chain, one of the best ways of making it safe is to fix it to the wall with a cleat or 'cord tidy'. You'll still be able to pull your blind up and down easily enough, but by having no loose cord loops, no toddler can get entangled.

At New House we have designed a number of cord tidy's:

We have added 'Halo', which is a solid carved-from-aluminium, strong and solid device, and made in Gloucestershire.

Yesterday we launched it at the BBSA child safety conference in Coventry and had a great response.

Halo is not on our website yet as we're awaiting photos - but it soon will be!