Tuesday, 19 May 2015

First photo shoot

Melanie, Charlotte, Laura and our long-time wonderful photographer Phil James of Shadowplay, took the first images for New House's forthcoming roller blind collection last week.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes shots of them getting down to work :

This was a two day shoot, and took place in Laura's lovely Mum's house in the pretty town of Wivenhoe. We were so lucky to have such a wonderful location - thank you Laura's Mum!!! 

Phil looking every inch the professional photographer that he is :

Melanie preparing for the next shot :

Well done everyone as we now have some fantastic shots in the can!

New House's latest roller blind collection is due in July.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The girls are busy at New House

New House have many projects going on this year, and by far the largest is our new roller and accessory collection that's due mid 2015.

Making a new collection is a labour of love for New House’s team of experienced designers, who began work on it last summer. The girls, Melanie (print), Laura (weave & colour) and Charlotte (illustration) are preparing a fresh and exciting new look for New House. 

‘We want to create something radically new this time round’ says Melanie Darwin, NHT’s head of design, ‘but with many long-established weaves and prints that customers always expect, it's not always easy. Marrying change to continuity and familiarity is often one of our biggest challenge, but fortunately Nick always believes the NHT brand is at its best when encapsulating what’s new.’

The girls have been working with a specialist Japanese weaver to produce a very beautiful soft fabric with the feel of a gorgeous fashion fabric, but still works great as a roller fabric (and will be FR too). Nautical is a big trend theme, so NHT is making a roller version of Charlotte’s highly successful ‘seaside fun’ design. This is already available in mugs, trays and coasters from many stores and NHT’s own site.

Expect wider, more usable fabrics in the new roller collection, some lovely delicate prints, and extended plain ranges too. 

All available soon!