Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The new Routemaster bus?

I visited the V & A a while back to see the amazing Heatherwick Studio exhibition.

Thomas Heatherwick is the chap who designed the Olympic torch (and many other things) and is an engineer. As a designer myself it interested me that it was always ladies who told me 'to go', so I was curious that whatever Mr. Heatherwick was up to, his designs must appeal to a much wider audience than your average engineer bridge-builder.It did and I was gob-smacked.

I realized that I'd admired his designs for years, and had enjoyed eating at his incredible Littlehampton East Beach Cafe without knowing who'd designed it.

Thomas Heatherwick has also designed the new London Routemaster bus, and it's a great looking bus  
The design is inspired by the old Routemaster   

But last weekend I was with my 4yr old godson Robert. I doubt he's ever seen the new Routemaster, but he's a skilled engineer with a clever eye for form & function.

I guess the manufacturers of the new Routemaster are now committed, but this is a pity, as I suggest they take a good look at Robert (aged 4) rapid-prototypes :

 The last was my favorite, as I could really see this bombing round the streets of London, cornering wildly....