Sunday, 18 November 2012

Getting cold, but keeping warm

It's getting cold and winter doesn't feel very far away.

Our 300yr old buildings at How Caple Court always look good with their covering of ancient wisteria and virginia creeper, but far from any gas main we've relied on electric to heat our buildings.

However this year, Roger Lee (who owns the estate) has installed an amazing central boiler that's powered by wood chips. The wood must be correctly seasoned, so for the moment these chips are bought-in, but soon surplus timber from the estate's woods will be fuelling this boiler to make locally-produced carbon-neutral heat.

A whole heap of chips who's CO2 will grow a lot more chips in the local woods. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012


I went on a fascinating visit to Yorkshire, Gateshead and Marske last week, and wish I'd taken loads more photos.

I stayed with an old friend in Knaresbourough visiting customers, and the trip was an eye-opener with York being amazing

Each Medieval street or gate is wonderfully enchanting, but amongst all the historical beauty I was pleased to see that even York found room for an ugly 60's building. In days gone by many a tratiors head was implained on the old gates of York. Could the same be done with the Town-planners & assorted jobsworths who've damaged many an English City on the ramparts of this building?
Marske, Redcar and Gateshead were fasininating too, and I loved the long beach, area round the park and Jewish area.
Back in York.... can I suggest a visit to Lottie Inch's gallery?

As well as cleverly displaying D. Hurst and others, she also shows New House's Charlotte Farmer prints and tea towels :

Lottie is someone to watch out for!