Monday, 21 October 2013

More smoothness at New House

If only everything in life was as silky-smooth as New House's new drive.

Arriving at work, we've long-grown used to having our bikes & car suspension well-shaken by Herefordshire's ancient lanes and pot-holes, so travelling the last few 100 metres on How Caple Court's new uber-smooth, ultra-quiet black velvet drive takes a bit of getting used to.

It's true that our drive needed work and wasn't improved by the pipe-laying for the Eco central boiler last year. Our eco boiler burns surplus wood from surrounding woodlands, so NHT is self-sustaining in heat.

Our drive was resurfaced by cheerful men last week, who arrived early and worked non-stop to finish the job :

The heat and smell of newly-laid tarmac is amazing, and it's now a joy to cycle the last 100 metre's to our office each day!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top Drawer - London Olympia

I know this Top Drawer blog is well overdue, but it's because this was the best Top Drawer we've ever done and have been snowed under since.

Our clever designers Melanie and Charlotte, taped our new tea towels to the walls with bright coloured tape. It looked fantastic, and also very New House especially when Charlotte took up her felt pen and drew on the walls :

New products included Charlotte's new Wooof and Melanie's Asha tea towels :

Charlotte also extended her 'Family Favourites' design into trays :

Please let me know what you think