Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Entrenched at New House

Normally New House is a picture of quiet and calm.

There are no main roads, railway lines, airports, bus routes, or anything noisy much at all at How Caple Court. Herefordshire is Britain's most sparsely populated county, and we're probably in the quietest thick of it. The nosiest things are the peacocks.

But this week things have changed.

Trenches are being dug everywhere, and there's mud and stone and up-rooted turf all over the place, as deep ditches link each building, as the Court gets a state-of-the-art sustainable heating system.

A giant ultra-modern wood-burning boiler is being constructed in one of the buildings, with hot-water pipes laid underground.

The idea is that the estate is surrounded by woodlands, so in place of imported oil, this home-grown wood can sustainably provide our future heating.