Thursday, 15 January 2015

January cuts

It's January and cuts are happening all over at New House.

'Our 20% off EVERYTHING sale' is still on until close of play next Sunday 18th. This even includes  clearance items, which have a further 20% knocked off their already well-disconted prices.

Meanwhile, other cuts are being made elsewhere....

The new gardener at How Caple Court, Charlie is busy cutting and trimming the multitude of wisteria, figs, Virginia creeper, passion fruit and ivy that's been clambering up our walls for years..

Everything at the front looks super-tidy. I'd say like new, but as the building is 300 yrs old it's probably never going to look like that again.

At the back it's a different story, with the ivy now covering the statue of our saint.
Next week Charlie will have uncovered him and in thanks, we will give her a matching set of our gardening seed packet tea towels. Designed by Charlotte Farmer, they come with either jolly old-fashioned flower seed packets, or vegetable seed packets. Charlie surely deserves them!

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