Sunday, 7 July 2013

New Designers 2013, and One Year On

I haven't been to New Designers at the Islington Business Centre for a few years, and it was great to go again on Friday. I'm always amazed at the vibrant new talent coming out of the colleges, and it's a real pleasure meeting and chatting to these clever and very charming graduates.

I was there because Laura Fletcher (New House's amazing weave designer) was displaying her latest work at One year On. Her stand was full of her trademark sophisticated weaves, colourful cushions, throws, stripes and cards. All made in England.

Laura's work is so beautiful and original that at New House, we always have a queue of projects for her to work on. She has an amazing colour sense, is a cool watercolourist too! 
Walking round the rest of the show, I loved the textile work of the girls from Cardiff - Alexandria Roberts, Hannah Duncombe and Sarah Harley. Their gorgeous prints or laser-cut work will surely be something for the future.
Next to Laura was Harriet Riddell. I've never heard of anyone doing portraits on a sewing machine before, and her skill was astonishing :
Everywhere Harriet goes, her sewing machine does to. I'm sure she will be very well-known soon, as she's so good!
I normally hate having my picture taken, but was so curious to see what Harriet did, I couldn't resist......
Me in stitches :

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