Friday, 18 January 2013

Sorry we are shut today, Friday 18th Jan

Sorry! But New House never opened today due to the snow. We tried to get there, but as New House is at the end of a tiny Herefordshire lane we were defeated with cars sliding everywhere.

This is my cottage taken at 4.30pm :
It's a Winter Wonderland, and I've been out with food for the grateful birds. I've also been dropping mixed-grain into the hedges as I've occasionally spotted tiny (rare) pigmy voles round the cottage. They are so tiny, that if they do not eat every 2 hours they die, so I hope my grain is a help to them.
Our local farmer went up our lane with a snowplough a few hours ago, but this is what life in Perrystone Hill looks like today. On Monday New House will be open again!

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