Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Saw something good last week...

Laura and I were invited to one of the UK's largest roller blind companies Eclipse and their Keighley weavers, Invent, and had a great visit.

Both facilities are world-class, and were impressive to see.

You really feel the power of industry at a weaving plant, as air vibrates to the melody of these big machines while they form yarns into cloth with huge precision. Laura is new house's weave specialist so we've been to many a weave plant together, but have never seen one as tidy or lint free as Invent. 

Creating a new design on CAD :
To make a weave you must manufacture the 'warp' first. This is a Swiss-made Benneger sectional warper (one of the best) which draws yarns from the creel to make the warp : 

These are German Dornier machines controlled with British Bonas Jacquards :
Invent also have a number of Picanol dobby weaving machines. Dobby's are always New House favourites as they produce a much simpler fabric than a jacquard, and basic honest-to-goodness warms our hearts the most.
These machines are very advanced and even self-repair any broken yarns :
Changing the warp :
Finished woven fabric off to the coating line in Glasgow :

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